Electric netting

Customers have been using the electric netting to contain their sheep and goats this spring and summer. Most of the netting you see along highway 70 and around is Premier netting we have sold to the grazing contractors.  This time of year most of our customers use what is called positive/negative netting, with every other wire being a ground wire.  This is especially useful in dry conditions, like we experience in California, so the animals still get a zap when they touch the fence.  It is important to hook the ground wire to the ground rod as well as to the charger to make sure the critters, when touching the fence, complete the circuit and feel the jolt.  Don’t worry, it isn’t harmful, because like most customers who have used this product know, you will experience the zap, even if not on purpose! Yes, it scares you, just like it scares the goats or sheep, but it doesn’t hurt.  Customers have discovered the netting is the easiest and quickest way to fence areas in need of grazing or fire proofing.  Who needs a weed eater when you have goats, right?!