Ground Rod Kit


Live Wire Products Special!

Made in the U.S.A.

Included in the kit:

2 ea 4’ galvanized ground rods

2 ea ground rod clamps

12’ underground cable

Selecting a site:

Be sure to be at least 33 feet away from any other ground system (telephone, house power line, etc). Keep it away from livestock or other traffic that could interfere with the installation. Make sure you have the ground rods where they can be easily be accessed for maintenance. Ideally, where there is damp soil all year round or at least a shaded area or under the drip line of a building.

To use:

The number of ground rods required depends on the type of energizer being used to power the fence and soil condition. Refer to information supplied with your energizer for the correct number of ground rods to use.

To insert the ground rods: Space the required number of 4’ ground rods at least 10 feet apart. Next, drive the ground rods deeply into the soil, leaving at least 4 inches of the rod protruding out of the soil so they can be easily connected. Join the ground rods in a series using ground clamps (included) and the underground cable. Peel back the insulation on the end of the wire before connecting.