Stafix has delivered rugged, reliable electric fence products for safe and effective animal containment and pasture management. Patriot electric fence energizers and accessories are built on the foundation of providing you the flexibility to enjoy your lifestyle with a sleek design that matches your need for simplicity, reliability, and performance, all at an outstanding value.  Live Wire carries both Stafix and Patriot electric fence energizers.  When selecting an energizer power source based on your fencing situation you first must determine what power source you require.  For example, a traditional 110v plug-in energizer is great if you need a very powerful energizer or have a very long electric fence.  If you dont have access to an electrical outlet, then a unigizer, portable battery, or solar powered energizer would be the best choice.  We have them all.  You will also need to select an energizer that will give you the power (energy) rating required for your electric fence.  This is stated in joules. More joules = more power.  You can find this information on comparison tables on the energizer packaging.


Targeted grazing is the application of a specific kind of livestock at a determined season, duration, and intensity to accomplish defined vegetation or landscape goals.  The concept of targeted grazing has been around for decades and has taken many names, including prescribed grazing.  Today targeted or prescribed grazing is a growing industry being conducted by a wide range of livestock owners including tradition producers, small farm herd/flock owners, and contract grazers.

The techniques to manage and manipulate vegetation are numerous including herbicides, mowing and prescribed fire.  What is the easiest? Sheep, goats, cattle or a combination of one, two or three of the species.  The animals are natural and environmentally friendly; they are highly mobile and are able to access remote areas; and they are often less expensive than other methods.  Where and how can the animals be used? In forests, orchards, vineyards, for fire suppression, as well as enhancing wildlife habitat.  There is a great handbook called, “Targeted Grazing: A natural approach to vegetation management and landscape enhancement” and can assist the land manger/owner in the process of setting up targeted grazing for any size property.  Electric netting is also an effective way to temporarily fence an area, quickly and effectively.

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