Livestock Scales

Why measure? To increase your profits! Replace guess-work with facts when making key managment decisions.  Tru-Test weigh scale indicators rapidly collect weight and other information about each individual animal on your ranch.  Weighing gives you the ability to monitor average daily gain and body condition, measure feed consumption and input costs, administer treatment products correctly, identify poor performing animals early on, and make better breeding decisions.

There are 3 core components to a Tru-Test weigh scale system.  Tru Test load bars (A) and load cells.  Fitted under a single animal platform in a standard alleyway, or under a squeeze chute or animal crate, Tru-Test load bars measure the weight of your animal.  Constructed from aircraft grade aluminum, a highly corrosion resistant material, Tru-Test load bars are considered to be the best in the market. Tru Test weigh scale indicator (B) captures the animal’s weight, calculating and displaying the information for infield decision making, as well as storing data for later use.  There are two options (C) the portable XRS EID stick reader or the fixed XRP EID panel reader which has antenna options for cattle and small livestock setups.  Using electronic identification ear tags can significantly speed up the weighing process, reduce errors from manual input and offer potential labor savings.

Remember, the key benefits for using Tru-Test scales are 1) accuracy 2) control 3)profitability.



















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Weigh Crates

























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