Temporary Electric Fencing

Electric fencing can be an effective, safe and inexpensive means of providing both temporary and permanent fencing if they are constructed properly and energized with a properly sized controller (energizer).  It is essential that there is adequate power for the length of fencing and the type of animals to be confined.  Several advantages of electric fencing are low cost, inexpensive to operate, can be used to extend the life of old permanent fences or they can be used for deer and predator control.  Electric fences can be built for temporary or permanent use.  Various types of inexpensive, easily built temporary electric fences are available. To effectively train animals to stay within an electric fence, the animals need to see the wire as they feel the shock.  Live Wire Products is currently selling poliwire systems to help keep wild pigs out of leafy green fields and to eliminate deer from grazing newly planted orchards.

Temporary electric fencing  is an excellent tool for rotational and target grazing.  Put the mower away and put the livestock to work effectively to convert grass to green! Call for more information and guidance by our quality staff.

Targeted grazing represents the application of a specific kind of livestock, at a determined season, duration, and intensity to accomplish defined vegetation and landscape enhancement goals. WHAT? Effective grazing programs, combined with electric fence use, will improve the health of the desired landscape/pasture.

We sell electric netting that is 42″ high x 165′ long with the posts already incorporated into the poliwire rolls. This netting works great for temporary grazing and we have a type that is all hot wire and another called positive/negative, with alternating hot/cold wires which is best for dry summer conditions.  We also carry a 48″ poultry net too that is 165′ long and excellent for allowing poultry to graze green pastures without disturbing neighboring garden areas.  We can advise you as to the best type of electric controller to use and how to ground the system effectively to work to the maximum for you!

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