What works? What doesnt?

During the summer months many customers call to ask about why their fence is not as “hot” as it should be right now.  Our advice to “heat” up the fence during the dry summer months is to do one or two things:

1. add additional ground rods to the system

2. or/and have a slow leak of water around the ground rods (especially if the ground rods are only in the ground 2-3 feet)

And don’t forget to “bait” the wire with something yummy to taste (peanut butter or grease) so the animals that might have forgotten what it is like to get a shock from the fence, get one as a gentle reminder to stay where they are supposed to.  Shocking yes, but much safer than an escaped animal on the road or on property they do not belong.

Stay tuned for more summer updates and safe fencing suggestions…we will share our customers experiences with all of you!